Veg-ucation at it’s best!

Welcome to the home of Veggie Trumps™, the educational card game. We have spent many hours trying to think how we could make learning about fruit and veg a bit more fun and that is how we came up with Veggie Trumps™

You see, we want learning about the goodness of fruits and veg to be a bit more interesting, we’ll even tell you how easy it is to grow your own – Imagine picking your own apples from the garden, and making your own smoothies! We want children and adults to want to learn more.


Here you can see one of the cards and it shows basically how they work so children can play with either the number values to aid with maths development, or with the colour coding stars.  This means that children of all ages can play together.

Each card also comes with a fun fact that makes learning fun!

Anyway enough of the wordy bit, we could talk about Veggie Trumps until the cherries come home but we really want you to try it out for yourself……

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