The world’s
best fruit & veg based card game!

How To Play!

Don’t worry its a really easy game, lets look at the rules:

All the cards in the deck are dealt between you and us here at Then when you are ready to go all you need to do is pick the value that you think is the highest and therefor most likely to beat our card.

When you submit your choice we will compare it to the computers card and if you win you score a point.  If it’s a draw then we’ll let you have that and give you the point because we are just that nice!

If the computer wins then unfortunately you will have to start again, we’ll shuffle the cards though so you can have another go.

All the values on the cards refer to 100g of the item before it has been cooked.  We get all the facts and figures from McCance and Widdowson’s “The Composition of Foods”.  We have tried to make sure they are as accurate as possible to make the game as valuable as we can.

That’s it!  See we told you it was easy,  why not have a play and you may be surprised about how much you know.